Is this a place we can practice our English?

hmm… due to my bad English.
I can hardly read the official side…
hmm… all I want to say is: Infinity: The Quest for Earth is the game what we’re dream of!

Well,I don`t agree:7_490:
your English is not that** bad **’ at all {31’]

really? how can you finger out?

;A047; 英语版好久没有泡泡了,观摩一下。。。

:7_486: my oral english is poor…


Did u see many people here?NO~so…:7_434:

SO…We need water…

water anywhere?

water in all forums

Infacty! My English is very poor,LOL~~~
Why? When I have not used in a long time.all of the word have been gave back to my english teacher who teached me.

e~pls correct the sick sentence,I can’t do it myself,u knowyeh~~~I knew it.

OH, you should bring your money from the teacher .

People moutain people sea here,we must goodgood study -----dayday up for English now.;A074;




even if they know “bird”, they wont know it is actually a substitute of 屌

;A079; ;A079; oh my gosh holy shit

“real his mother of dick”

:7_490: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves,
Learning English, Speaking Chaglish is my personal a big step for mankind but a small step!

Go Go Gadget go !!!

Chaglish begin…
God boat Seven (//shout…)
shot !
universe flyer “LIU”, “ZAI”,“JIN” to go to heaven …:7_490: