武器类型和游戏玩法(Weapon types and game play)

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Gameplay Weapons function ideas:

Ohh no, another Delver post.
I created a post some months back about how I thought weapons andmounts should look. That was to both to give a different look fordifferent weapon mounts as well as to perhaps spark some ideas to getbeyond a certain generic design ideal. That thread while interesting initself, has gone way off what I wanted to discuss. Though some smalldiscussions were bounced around as to what weapons to throw in the gameor what they might do, nothing concrete seems to have planned. Ofcourse everyone has discussed the normal: railgun, laser, cannon,missile stuff but nothing much at all about types, ranges, damages,effects.
Perhaps a nice thread about what people would like to see with somemore concrete, more thoughtfull than “ohh I want pretty lights andarmor to fly off” remarks.

I have been thinking about this but I have only a rather limitedknowledge about MMO game mechanics, graphics limits and game playbalance ideas. I’ll try to keep as much lingo as I can out of it. Someterms will have to be used and so, even though people may know whatthey are, I’ll put them down now, just in case.

– MMO game shorthand terms are: –
DPS - Damage Per Second
DOT - Damage Over Time. One shot will cause damage after shot has been fired
AOE - Area Of Effect (damages more than just one spaceship)
Alpha - Alpha strike or massive first wave damage.
Critical Strike - Chance the damge done is higher than normal

– Other terms real or made up –
Target Aspect - also known as “signature”. How big the ships area is across major dimensions
RoF - Rate of fire, measures how many shots per minute/second including any reloads
CEP - Circular Error Probable, measures likelyhood of hitting a target.
Group Size - Related to CEP but measures total area all shots fired will impact at.

Those who have played Eve-Online are familiar with these ideas ifnot the terms. Eve Terms differ because, well, they aren’t weaponsguys. I am sure I have forgotten some important things but hopefullythis can be edited in as things become known to me.
On weapon choices and types. I list weapons here under my ownprejudices and hope to give a balanced idea of how they might work ingame play. I’m hoping someone can balance these out and maybey theywill be usefull.
I never liked the idea of exclusively short range or long rangedweapons unless there was a good reason for it. I also don’t like theidea of carrying a weapon that does one damage type at the exclusion ofall others. I also don’t like the idea of having a weapon that sucksall the power out of a spaceship as it is firing.

(edit) looks like I allready messed up my terminology. Sorry.
(edit) List will grow as we get beyond conventional weapons I hope

On to the First Weapon types…


Lasers don’t have varieties other than what wavelengths, duration andpower they can perform at. To me that means that you don’t equip"tachyon lasers" to attack a 200km distant target. Instead you changethe frequency or change the power or change the duration of the beam.lasers don’t do “EM” damage, they do thermal/explosive damage. Lasersoperate either by dumping too much heat into an object causing thermalburn throughs or, with higher power, cause a explosion effect as itconverts materials into plasma. Lasers don’t normally have barrels.Most lasers don’t even have lenses. Instead lasers use spinning mirrorsor use prisms to bounce and focus a beam. Since there is no real barrelthe weapon should look short and fat but should also be light andeasily turned. Laser types won’t have much impact on game unlessfrequency selection becomes important. All the lasers listed can bepulsed or be a continuous beam.

Laser types:
Diode type. low power, Uses electricity, limited frequency range, can run long time.
Chemical. Low-high power, uses electricity, multiple frequency, can run long time.
Free Electron. High power, uses a LOT of electricity, Any frequency, runs only short time.
Gas Dynamic. High power, uses fuel, limited frequency, can run long time if enough fuel.

Continuous Wave (CW) Laser: (Eve-online calls them Beam Lasers)
This is a continous beam that stays on until you turn it off. Isusually a long burst. Because it is a continuous I figure the operatingpower would have to be turned down, limiting it’s effective range andAlpha damge. This will increase the likelyness of hitting a target andprobably DPS. The other issue with this weapon is it is not aseffective as a pulsed weapon at the same power range. Why is that? thevapor from the matter it boils off obscures the beam causing it to losefocus. I’d also give this weapon a very low critical strike ability.Note this is an operating mode, not weapon type.
This weapon look was best seen in the TV series ‘Babylon 5’ or ‘Startrek’.

Pulse Lasers:
Pulse Lasers are normal lasers that have a very short beamduration. This short beam duration does a number of things. It allowsthe laser to operate at higher power than if it were on all the time.Pulsing the beam also allows the plasma cloud a lasers impact on amaterial target to disperse. This cloud would otherwise cause the thedamage effect to decrease as the beam continuous. This should increaseit’s effective range a small bit but also increase the Alpha Strikedamage by a good bit. Pulsing could be varied so as to maximize thedamage the weapon could create without burning out. I would give pulsedlasers a higher critical strike than CW lasers. Note this is anoperating mode, not weapon type.

This weapon look was best seen in films such as ‘Star Wars’.

In Short:
CW laser is slightly shorter range, low alpha, high dps. low critical strike.

  • I figure best for shields or self defense.
    Pulse Lasers are slightly longer range, medium alpha, low dps, medium critical strike.
  • best used as secondary offensive attack.

Blasters aren’t quite as science fiction as the name applies. I amusing blaster in this case rather like Eve-Online and some sciencefiction stories do. I consider blasters to be particle accellerators.Particle Accellerators emit a focused “beam” of heavy or light ionplasma. Known under various names such as Phased Plasma cannon orPulsed Plasma Gun, Blasters ahould be short ranged weapons. The reason?Plasmas are very easily dispersed. Any magnetic field will do it andthe very nature of plasma tends not to want to stay together orfocused. Blasters use lots of electricity and some fuel. The fuel canbe anything that can be atomized, charged, and shot down a accelleratorbarrel or the Blaster can just use electrons. Blasters need to be builtfor a specific type and purpose and are not easily changed like a lasercan be. A Blasters primary damage types are thermal, ionizingradiation, EM. This would seem to mean that it would make a hell of acrippling weapon.

Blaster types:
Electron. Low energy, low capabilities, short range, easily shielded against, mostly does EM I guess
Proton. High energy, short range, harder to shield against, medium radiation effects, heat damage.
Neutron. High energy, longer ranges, very hard to shield against, nasty radiation effects, heat and EM damage.

Proton Blaster:
Seems like a Proton blaster might be usefull. I’d think it would begreat for piracy or possibly custom or local defense ships. This gunwould be usefull to use if one had to incapacitate a ship withoutkilling the crew or blowing up the ship. The Proton blasters seems tobe a "more humane weapon to use than other weapons for that reason. I’dprobably make a proton blaster a high DPS, low alpha strike, high DOTweapon with low medium critical stike. The damages pointed more towardshields and ancillary ships systems. I don’t see this weapon veryusefull as a real weapon of war except as special equipment.

Neutron Blaser:
Now we are talking. This beast would be a nasty crippling weapon.Good for both shields and armor. It’s slightly longer range is stillpretty short but it is a perfect weapon for those that like thingsclose. The neutron blaster should be somewhat less effective on shieldsthan the proton blaster but more effective on ships sytems. I’d makethis weapon do little damage to the hull and armor. I’d give thisweapon a variable, medium to high DPS and critical hit. with a mediumto low DOT effect. I’d still keep it a low alpha strike weapon.

In Short:
Electron Blasters aren’t very usefull in my eyes. maybe I’m missing something besides EM.
Proton Blaster is good for short range, minimal damage to ship with low alpha, variable DPS, variable critical hit and high DOT

  • Best for Capturing a ship intact or breaking shields.
    Neutron Blaster a great short range, light to medium damage, low alpha, variable DPS, variable critical hit, low to medium DOT
  • Best for crippling a ship or ship systems.mostly ignores shields.

Magnetic Accellerators:
Railguns and coilguns fall into this category. Since pretty mucheveryone here knows what a what a magnetic accellerator is I’ll breakit down into two types. A Railgun is not to be confused with a Coilgun.Since we allready know that a railgun is some sort of uber, long rangeweapon I’d imagine that’s how it should be. A coilgun on the other handis a little different. The coilgun is a a lower impulse, softerlauncher. Perhaps that would be a “flak cannon” or a special purposegun or perhaps it has other uses I can’t think of. It’s important tonote taht these guns both need large amounts of electricity and aprojectile of some sort. The projectile does not have to be round orshaped like a bullet and that means the barrel itself doesn’t need tobe round or even shaped much like a barrel. Since I think of amagnetic, linear accellerator I figure it should suffer the same sortof problems that a regular cannon does. Slow fire rate, slow reload andslow turret turning.

This has been seen by me to be a rather short barreled weapon. Atleast the prototypes I have seen were much more like mortars ratherthan true cannon. That might not be usefull for the long ranged pwn-gunbut it seems this could be usefull in short ranged power attacks with along ranged ability if loading the right ammo type. Ammo types forshort range would be a frangible “sandcaster/flakcannon” or a hullpenetrating anti-armor round or for firing other special purpose ammolike a lightning nets. Other short range types would short duration EWjammers etc. Other types of ammunition types might be explosive,nuclear, anti-missile, longer ranged rocket extended rounds. The gunwould get no specific damage bonus but would be stuck with a basicfiring rate as well as limits in accuracy. The limit would probably theRoF or DPS and probably a limited accuracy. Ammunition type woulddetermine other factors such as alpha strike, damage types, criticalhits, range and DOT. To me the Coilgun might make a good civilianweapon because of it’s catch-all type ammo system. This weapon shouldalmost be as flexible as a missile launcher but at a lower cost.

When I think of a railgun, I think of a long barreled slow firing,slow turning uber cannon. It doesn’t have to be, but that’s myprejudices. I see it as the equivelence of the massive railcar andfixed guns during WW1 and WW2. The Railgun doesn’t need a massivecaliber but it does need a massive gun mount to handle the recoil. Gunbarrel shape can be any shape and does not have to be round. Therailgun ammo type isn’t as flexible I’d figure because of the massiveaccellerations involved. You are flinginging an object at hundreds ofthousands of gravitys of accelleration so I don’t expect you couldlaunch a cool gadget with it. This weapon is all about range and alphastrike. It’s RoF is horrible and the CEP of such a weapon wouldprobably preclude it from hitting anything that is manevering fast ortoo small. However I’d think the chances for a critical strike ar muchincreased. I’d figure if one of these hit a small ship it should popit. Ammunition type can vary what it can do but the ammunitionvarieties would be limited to shotgun type ammo or hull penetratingammo. Probably none of it with electronics other than tracking helpers.

In Short:
Coilgun. short to medium range, low accuracy, low DPS, variable alpha strike, variable critical hit, variable DOT.

  • Best for general purpose, medium sized gun.
    Railgun. medium to long range, medium accuracy, low DPS, high alpha strike, high critical hit, low DOT.
  • Best for seige gun. Main armament for offensive operations.

Missile launchers and warheads:
This weapon type is much easier to do things with but much harder totalk about. Most people think that a missile is a tube with explosivesin it. That is not the case. Because of the way missiles work they havea ability to be almost anything. So We’ll talk about Launchers first.Missile launchers should be the cheapest item to fit on a ship but takeup the most space. Launchers can be as cheap as a bunch of closelypacked tubes or can be the expensive rotating, magazine fed launcher. Along duration battle will want the most launch tubes you can fit on aship or at least magazine fed launchers. as changing ammo types is abear. While the missile launcher can be cheap and easy. The missilesare just the opposite. They will always be far more expensive than anyother weapon type. Missile launcher styles will determine the rate offire as well as reloadability. Missile launchers are somewhat limitedin the size of weapon they can carry. You normally can’t carry asmaller missile on a launcher meant for a larger weapon without takingup the whle magazine slot. Launchers would come in various magazinecapacities and sizes. Though in theory a small ship can easily carry alarge missile (we have Patrol boats that carry cruise missiles) thelauncher would probably curtail serious sue of this. Eve-Online used tohave no missle size limit on what a launcher could carry. This lead toproblems of “suicide bombers” carrying large torpedos in smalllaunchers. (Note. This section needs a lot of work)

Fixed, Vertical Launchers:
This is simply a series of internal tubes with an opening at oneend pointing out into space. These are not normally reloadable. Thespaceship would have to return to a ammunition ship or to port toreload but it makes up for this lack by carrying a simple complex oftubes with many missile types all ready to fire anytime you wish.Ammunition changes are trivial. Only thing to worry about is what mixof ammunition types to carry. This launcher would give a massive alphastrike ability with a high DPS. that’s a bit worrysome as you couldspam the enmy to death. In the book ‘Red Storm Rising’ by Tom Clancythis was done with great effect to overwelm the enemies defences. Howto combat this? Hmmm perhaps by making a chance of a chainfire whenripple launching in such large numbers. Anyway I’d limit the fire rateand lower the effective hits of such a launcher if it was ripple fired.Fixed launchers are best used with larger missiles as the missilebecomes too massive to easily load onto a launcher system. (theproblems of this launcher system needs to be looked into)

Box Launcher:
Semi fixed launcher. Usually used to carry special purpose missileslike torpedos or cruise weapons. These launchers may be fixed if meantto carry large missiles or flexible if meant to carry smaller missiles.they are carried externally and are normally loaded at the dockyard orat a logistics ship. The launcher carrying ability limits the type ofmissile one can carry. The same basic functionality of the fixedlauncher above but a much reduced magazine store is avalaible. Thistype of launcher would be perfect as a bolt on cheapie weapon system asit takes up little room and hardly any extra electronics.

Flexible/Rail Launcher:
This device carries a limited number of missiles on a set of railsor a rack kept externally. The magazine is kept internally and is fedto the launcher as the requirements dictate. The good thing about thissystem is that the missile can be aimed before firing. This might beimportant in reaction time especially for smaller, defense typemissiles. The other good thing is this launcher can fit oddball shapedmissiles. For instance missiles with giant fins. The bad thing is thatthis launcher can only fire as fast as a missile can be reloaded andthe reload cycle is slow. The other bad thing is that the launchercould jam thus taking out any ability to fire the magazine of missilesthis launcher has.

In short:
Vertical launch system. large magazine, no reload, variable alpha strike, variable DPS, variable damage, variable DOT.

  • Good for larger ships with lots of capacity.
    Box Launcher. Small magazine, no reloads, variable alpha strike, variable DPS, variable damage, variable DOT.
  • Cheap weapon system, can place on anything.
    Felixible Launcher. Aims anywhere, large magazine, reloadable, variable everything else.
  • Expensive weapon system. meant for purpose built missile ships.

In almost all instances I can see this weapon as a viable weapon to usefor nothing save for a limited number of reasons besides the wow, itmakes noise argument. The reasons are that this weapon system is cheap.Probably cheaper than anything else. Very little would go wrong withits choice. The other reason to use this weapon is as a self defenseweapon. It uses little power, should require almost nothing to place itand so would probably be added on to any small ship as a :just in case"gun. That being said. Lareger calibers are certainly useable but justnot allt hat capable to even a low end coilgun. Unlike in Eve-Onlineartillery tube is not divided into howitzers and autocannon. Thatdistinction is made by those who didn’t read up on guns. Howitzers area weapon that is meant to be fired a high angles. A autocannon is aself loading gun. We can probably assume that all guns in the futurewill be self loading and the only real distinction on different guntypes is how many barrels the mount has and how fast can the gun canfire and how long the barrel is. The rule of thumb is that the biggerthe caliber, the slower the firing rate. Also typically, the longer thebarrel the more accurate the gun is and the longer the range. Weaponsdesigners have done a lot to make guns fire faster but there are somereal limits to big bore guns. The size of everything slows down reload.That is one reason why the larger turrets have multiple guns associatedwith them. That is too bad as it makes the turret much slower to turn.

Short barreled/Low impulse cannon:
Various names have been given to these guns throughout history.Most of those sort of meaningless today. The one that comes to mind forme is the carronade. Short ranged, low velocity. This sounds closeenough. The idea of using low velocity gun types does make sense incertain situations.This is a good cheap weapon for a spaceship thatcould not mount a larger caliber gun for various reasons. This might bethe cheapest of the artillery cannon. Range woulkd be greatly reducedas well as the hitting power but could be made up for by carryingexplosive warheads in it rather than relying on kinetic energy. Anothergun type I will include in this is the very light Recoilless cannon.The object of this gun is similar but this time you could mount italmost anywhere. These types of guns have a much lower range (in spacethat might not matter). as a big gun with about the same reload speed.Their alpha strike would be reduced as well as chances for a criticalhit. I’d put this gun as having basically similar properties to thecoilgun but with a more limited ammunition type.

Long Barreled gun:
Very similar to the capabilities to a Railgun but with much lowerpower requirements and decreased ammunition. Why is that? the size of apropellent charge is about 3 times the size of a the warhead. That addsup. Reload time should be be close to that of a railgun. What wouldmake this gun work well is that the smaller the gun gets the faster itcan fire. Where a large caliber gun might take 20 seconds to fire, asmaller one can load much quicker. Where might this be advantagous overa small rail gun? perhaps a railguns power cycle is still too slow. Idon’t know. The problem of this gun type is that while the largeversions have similar ability to a railgun (at reduced critical hit),the smaller versions drop that critical hit and alpha strike for a muchincreased RoF. At smaller sizes I get a distinct impression that we’lllike “walls of lead” more than we will like any precision, alphastrike, or critical hits.

In Short:
Short Barrel, low impulse Artillery. short to medium range, lowaccuracy, low RoF, medium alpha strike, medium critical hit, no DOT.

  • Best for a cheap, general purpose, medium sized gun.
    Large, Long Barreled Artillery. medium to long range, mediumaccuracy, Low RoF, good alpha strike, high critical hit chance, no DOT.
  • Best a slightly cheaper, slightly less expensive replacement for a railgun
    Small, Long Barreled Artillery. short to medium range, mediumaccuracy, medium to high RoF, medium Alpha strike, low to mediumcritical hit, no DOT
  • Best use as a defense and secondary gun.

Ammunition Types:
The problem with some other MMOs is that the ammo type is prettysimplistic and pretty limited. I’d like to see a larger variety ofammunion and the logistics of reloading and weapon selection as animportant logistics focus prior to combat. This may be too much tediumand minutia to deal with. Something that allows great use of ammunitionmixing strategies might be a bit too much for a MMO. The reality ofcombat doesn’t always jive well with gaming. The weapons I listed allhave some variation small variation of ability. It’s the ammunitiontypes that will deal the damage. Ammunition types should not so much bebased on the standard Eve-Online types like: thermal, EM, Kinetic,Explosive. It is a start though. The damage types I am thinking of are:primary shield, primary armor, primary systems, multi-variations,special items. Why did I list it this way? Because real systems tend tohave weaknesses that can be attacked. With the weapon determiningaccuracy, RoF, alpha strike, Critical hit. It remains for most ammotype to determine the damages on the target as well a DOT.

Except for lasers, each weapon has its own ammunition.

Coilgun ammunition:
Coilguns are fairly low impulse guns. I figure for game play thismight make it a good rubbish bin for most anything that will fit in thebarrel. Probably not realistic but, hey, whatever. Ammunition typeswill very. But since the gun is supposedly a decent gun for all around,general usage. It should probably get all sorts of ammunition choices.

Explosive shell: General purpose shell. Like most cannon rounds of today.
Grape shell: Sand caster/shotgun effect used for anti-missile and anti-fighter defense.
HEAT: Explosive, anti armor, perfect for close combat and for reduction of hardened objects
Electro-Net: for shields and EM damage. does no real damage to armor (make up your own word)
EW Jammers: Low end jammers meant for self defense rather than as a active jamming solution.
RAP: (Rocket assisted Projectile) Increase range with a smaller warhead.

Railgun/Artillery ammunition:
This gun type relies mostly on kinetic energy to do its job.Because of the accelleration of the gun it works best at longer rangeswhere some of the ammunition sent would not be very usefull. Also I hadto limit ammunition types for game reasons.

Discarded-Sabot-Flechette: It’s a arrow! Ok, this is a standard kinetic penetrator. Probably mostly used against armor
Solid Shot: This is the less capable version of a Flechette. It’s used in smaller guns normally.
Beehive: This is a bundle of flechettes. This is a long range shotgun.

Missle ammunition:
This part is complicated as there is almost nothing you can’t stickin a missile. I’m going to list three different sizes of missileammunition even though that’s really not how missiles are figured out.Missiles are expensive compared to other ammunition and missiles tendto have different problems that other ammo types are immune from. Asyou can see I need a lot of help on getting this balanced and right.Typically a missile seldome misses. If it does it was a failure in themissile, not in the aim. But since a missile can’t be aimed other thanat a full target that should mean most missiles would do less basedamage. All hits and alphas and other mumbo jumbo words are incomparison to like weapon size Note rate of fire not related tolauncher but to what the game engine and perhaps sensor limits canhandle.

Small Missiles:
Anti-Fighter/Missile-missile: (explosive) Typical missile carried by fighters and capital ships.
-Short range, low critical hit, medium alpha strike, medium RoF, no DOT, low AOE
Electro-Net missile: (antishield) Same as the coilgun ammo but in a missile. Carried by fightersmostly. uses carbon fiber conductors. short out shield

  • Short range, medium critical hit, low alpha strike, medium RoF, medium DOT
    Attack Missile: Hyper velocity, anti-armor missile, lightweight kinetic energy missile.
    -Short range, low critical hit, low alpha strike, high RoF, no DOT
    Rockets: (explosive) Yeah I think they are going to be useless but some folks want them. Treat this like a low velocity gun.
    -Very short range, low accuracy, low critical hit, medium alpha, high RoF, no DOT

Medium Missiles:
Anti-Ship missile: (HEAT) The backbone of the missile versions. This is what most non fighter combat ships carry.

  • Medium range, low critical hit, medium alpha strike, medium RoF, no DOT
    Electro-Net missile: (anti-shield) larger version with longer range, It’s a shield vampire
  • Medium range, high critical hit, low alpha strike, medium RoF, high DOT
    Attack Missile: longer ranged hyper velocity, anti-armor missile
  • Medium range, low critical hit, low alpha strike, high RoF, no DOT
    Anti-Radiation missile: Self guided missile. only goes after ships systems, like sensors.
  • Medium range, medium critical hit, medium alpha strike, low RoF, medium DOT
    Active ECM missile: Small chance to jam sensors and to break sensor locks for short period
  • Special, unguided, low range, low chance to jam, low time of jam, medium RoF, no DOT

Heavy Missile:
Anti-Ship missile: (nuclear, shaped charge) Typical missile used by cruisers through capital ships. maybe can be tuned for attack type?

  • Long range, medium critical hit, medium alpha strike, low RoF, low DOT, low AOE
    Attack Missile: Hypervelocitykinetic energy, multiple warheads (Beehive) does smaller damage overall but has a higher chance of a critical strike.
  • Long range, high critical hit, high alpha strike, low RoF, no DOT
    Active ECM missile: medium chance to jam sensors and break missile locks for ships and missiles at longer range.
  • Special, unguided, medium range, medium chance to jam, low time of jam, low RoF, no DOT
    Light Smart Mine: Uses missilelauncher to launch temporary lightweight mines. mines have a limitedduration and low number count (5 at a time maybe)
  • Special, unguided/guided hybrid, low range, low critical hit, medium RoF, low DOT, low AOE
    Sensor Missile: This missile does no damage but carries low grade active and passive sensors to increase chance of detection while active.
  • Special, Long range, increase sensor scan ability by xx%, chance to break jam by xx%, medium duration very low RoF, medium AOE

Large Missile:
Torpedo1: (nuclear, with laserhead) Anti-capital-ship or anti bunker weapon. carried by larger shipsand perhaps some smaller ships (limit launch numbers)

  • Very long range, poor turning, high critical hit, high alpha strike, very low ROF, low DOT, medium AOE
    Torpedo2: (nuclear, submunitions) Anti-formation, weapon. carried by larger ships and some smaller to break up a fleet.
  • Very long range, poor turning, low critical hit, high alpha strike, very low ROF, low DOT, high AOE
    CapTor Mine: This is a mine with a torpedo in it. It is a long duration deployable mine. used for access control. (must limit numbers)
  • Medium range, poor turning, medium critical hit, low alpha, very low ROF, medium DOT, high AOE
    Deepspace Probe: This is your probe scanner. long duration with a scana area. scans about as well as a fighter though easier to jam.
  • Very long range (variable for duration), increase sensor scan byxx%, chance to break jam by xx%, long duration very low ROF, high AOE.

What I was trying to do is specifically NOTlimit the weapon to a specific damage type with the exception of"blasters". I have been told that these blasters I write about are abit too uncannily like Eve-Online blasters and perhaps a name change isin order. Blasters are limited in damage type because my poor knowledgeabout particle physics says that one blaster type might be moreeffective on a shield than the armor and the other type might passthrough armor as if it wasn’t there. This seems to be a perfectbalance.

The other weapons by and large do not have any sort of damagelimitation as they are completely dependent on the ammo for damagesdone. Which is sort of how I wanted it. The weapon has a basic limitsuch as range and rate of fire and turret tracking and perhapsaccuracy. but the ammo is the real source of limitations.

A correction and clarification. I don’t mean to say that the shortranged coilgun and low impulse artillery are like short barreledsub-machineguns. That is a bit too eve like. What I wanted to do ismake them cheaper, easier to operate, perhaps track faster and finallyallow a mix of ammunition types to overcome their limits. I mean inspace there is no range limit. Also. since the ammo size and weight ofgun limit the rate of fire it would make sense that a 500mm recoillessrifle round would be as hard to load as a 500mm artillery cannon roundif not harder.

The reasons I put the coilgun and low impulse cannon in is to provide alittle coverage for a spaceship that might not be able to fit a railgunor cannon on for various reasons. For instance a fighter could fit aXXmm recoilless mount on but not the same sized cannon. Or similarly afrigate might be able to fit a cruiser sized weapon if the weapon was acoilgun.

Sort of like this example: In WW2 a light bomber (B-25) was a sortof dud as it couldn’t carry much bombload. However when low impulsecannons and missiles were added it became an excellent ground attackairplane. capable of smiting any tank. Similarly. Adding low impulseguns on to a aging cargo plane gives that ship the ability to providelong term fires support from the air. Of course since it’s my beliefthat we should limit such ad-hoc gun emplacements we would have a gunwith lower ability. In the case of a recoilless gun it’s not as good asa similar sized artillery tube.

For those that worry that I didn’t talk about specific weapon sizesand DPS, I can’t say much. I can’t figure out specific calibers andmounts as I don’t know armor or shield thickness or hardness. I don’teven know specifics on the mount besides some basic information. With asmall fighter there is no reason why a fighter could not use ANY of themounts if it can fit it. That is why I didn’t feel the need to say "Afighter can only mount a 50mm railgun and 2000 rounds of ammo in thelmk1 mounting).

In calculating laser damages I was thinking ofPulse lasers being the rough equivelent of a railgun with but with lessalpha strike or chance for a critical hit. The Rate of Fire would begreater (per like sized weapon) but since the damage on target is lessper shot than a railgun hit, the dps would probably close to equal. Iwanted lasers precisely because of the RoF. Far as I am concerned theonly thing that could equal the RoF of a laser would perhaps be theParticle beam.

I should try to cobble up a graph. maybe that would help us figure outa way to cover all the bases with RoF, DPS, Alpha, Critical hit. If Iknew more about game play and balance it would help. I’ll try to figuresomething out.
These graphs are only to see what can be worked out. It’s going tobe REAL important to figure out DPS since those are generally the onlythings that matter to most players. I am not good enough to figure outthis stuff. So, Let’s just throw out some junk. Perhaps some of youEve-Online and WoW gurus can help
Arbitrary scale. (edited)

Rate Of Fire
CW Lasers… :-------------------------------------------
Particle Gun (fast)… :-------------------------------------------
Pulse Lasers … :--------------------------
Multi-Tube Cannon… :-----------------------
Pulse Particle Gun … :----------------------
Multi-Tube Railgun… :---------------------
Coilgun… :----------------
Single Tube Cannon. :-----------
Low Impulse Cannon :----------
Single Tube Railgun… :-------
Missile Tubes…Excluded

Alpha Strike
CW Lasers… :-----
Particle Gun (fast)… :--------
Pulse Lasers …:---------
Multi-Tube Cannon… :-----------------------------
Pulse Particle Gun …:-------------
Multi-Tube Railgun… :---------------------------------
Coilgun… :------------------------
Single Tube Cannon. :----------------------------------------
Low Impulse Cannon :------------------------
Single Tube Railgun… :-------------------------------------------
Missile Tubes… :-------------------------------------------

Critical Hit
CW Lasers… :-----
Particle Gun (fast)… :----------
Pulse Lasers … :---------------------
Multi-Tube Cannon… :-----------------------------
Pulse Particle Gun … :-------------
Multi-Tube Railgun… :---------------------------------
Coilgun… :-----------------
Single Tube Cannon. :----------------------------------------
Low Impulse Cannon :----------
Single Tube Railgun…:-------------------------------------------
Missile Tubes…Excluded

Ammunition choices will limit ranges Except lasers.
Range Limitations
CW Lasers… :--------------------------
Particle Gun (fast)… :------
Pulse Lasers … :---------------------------------
Multi-Tube Cannon… :------------------------------
Pulse Particle Gun … :-------
Multi-Tube Railgun… :--------------------------------
Coilgun… :-------------
Single Tube Cannon. :-------------------------------------
Low Impulse Cannon :-------------
Single Tube Railgun… :--------------------------------------------
Missile Tubes… :--------------------------------------------------

Damage Per Second is based on ammunition choices Multiplied by therate of fire and adding any Critical Hit percentages. Also must weighin the chances of a flat out miss.

Damage Per Second
CW Lasers… :------------
Particle Gun (fast)… :-------------
Pulse Lasers … :---------------
Multi-Tube Cannon… :--------------------------
Pulse Particle Gun … :----------------
Multi-Tube Railgun… :---------------------------
Coilgun… :-------------
Single Tube Cannon. :------------------
Low Impulse Cannon :-------------
Single Tube Railgun… :-----------------------
Missile Tubes…Excluded

I Post this not knowing what the hell I am doing. someone with someMMO sense PLEASE do some basic figuring using my limite knowledge ofthe mechanics of a particular weapon system. Also, Try to figure outmissiles. That will spend a good evening figuring out.

;em12; 完全看不懂…

;em02; 不翻,坚决不翻,会死人的!