Tarr Chronicles: Sign of Ghosts 九月發佈

Tarr Chronicles: Sign of Ghosts 官網宣稱九月一日(也有說九月十七日的)發佈英文版太空戰鬥遊戲!

**CDV To Publish Tarr Chronicles In US **
(hx) 06:52 PM EDT - Jun,11 2007 - Post a comment

CDV sent out a press release announcing that it will publish the upcoming space combat game Tarr Chronicles in the US this September. The game is being developed by Akella. Here is some info: Tarr Chronicles is a sci-fi dogfighting title that will drop players into the pilot seat of a deadly space fighter as they and their A.I. teammates struggle to protect the remains of humanity from an enemy onslaught. Stunningly rendered 3D space-scapes will immerse the player in this futuristic world where there is no right or wrong - only the survival of the fittest.